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Uniblue launched ProcessLibrary.com in 2004. Written in plain English and free to all PC users, this Web site provides a unique and detailed online database that lists everything that should, and should not be running on your computer. In just over three years ProcessLibrary.com has already attracted five million hits every month!

Deep in the recesses of any computer, innumerable processes are running silently in the background. Some hog system resources, drastically slowing computers down; others are a haven for spyware and trojans, violating privacy and giving hackers free access to compromised systems.

ProcessLibrary.com has grown to become the definitive reference point for anyone who needs comprehensive information on these processes. Explanations are accompanied by exhaustive advice on whether the processes are important for the stable and secure running of your system. The website also recommends if you should terminate processes or leave them untouched.

ProcessLibrary.com already offers users its very own ProcessQuickLink that installs as a plug-in to the existing Windows Task Manager. This provides users with an information button next to each process running on their computer. The button activates a direct link to ProcessLibrary.com, and will provide relevant information, specific to the process, instantly in a new browser window.

A Top 100 Classic website

23 August 2007 - Uniblue press release

PC Magazine has named Uniblue's ProcessLibrary.com in the list of top websites for 2007. This high profile group consists of 100 well-established sites that are leaders in their respective fields, including ebay.com, amazon.com and tripadvisor.com.

Uniblue is particularly proud of this achievement since, unlike many awards, selection for the list was made by a broad panel of experts: nominations were put forward by the staff of PC Magazine, whilst a committee of senior editors cast the final votes. The criteria Uniblue was judged favorably against included general quality, popularity, content, usability, originality, and design.

Uniblue is committed to helping to improve the performance and security of the Internet, and the computers that access it. To this end Uniblue provides ProcessLibrary.com and ProcessScanner services free to all PC users. ProcessLibrary.com is recommended by experts everywhere, including definitive Internet companies such as Yahoo, as the primary reference point for verifying what software and programs should, and should not, be running inside a Windows PC.

Process Library is the unique and indispensable process listing database since 2004 Now counting 140,000 processes and 55,000 DLLs. Join and subscribe now!

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