Process name: Microsoft Rundll32

Application using this process: Microsoft Windows Operating System


Process name: Microsoft Rundll32

Application using this process: Microsoft Windows Operating System


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Process name: Microsoft Rundll32

Application using this process: Microsoft Windows Operating System

Recommended: Scan your system for invalid registry entries.

What is rundll32.exe doing on my computer?

The rundll32.exe process is responsible for running DLLs and placing its libraries in the memory. The rundll32.exe process is known as a command line utility program, and it performs its embedded functions along with the rundll.exe file. Rundll32.exe works by invoking a function that is exported from a specific 16-bit or 32-bit DLL module. However the only DLLs that you can call with the rundll.exe and rundll32.exe files are the ones that are only specified to be accessed by these processes.

The rundll32.exe file operates by parsing the command line. The specified DLL is then loaded through the function LoadLibrary(). Afterwards, from the function , it gets the addresses through GetProcAddress(). The command line tail is passed when the is called. Next, the DLL is unloaded upon the return of . Finally, the rundll32.exe file exits.

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rundll32.exe is a system process that is needed for your PC to work properly. It should not be removed. Check your system now to identify unused processes that are slowing down your computer.

In order to ensure your files and data are not lost, be sure to back up your files online. Using a cloud backup service will allow you to safely secure all your digital files. This will also enable you to access any of your files, at any time, on any device.

Is rundll32.exe harmful?

This process is considered safe. It is unlikely to pose any harm to your system. Check your computer for viruses or other malware infected files.
rundll32.exe is a safe process

Can I stop or remove rundll32.exe?

Since rundll32.exe is a system process it should not be stopped. The process is required for your PC to work properly. Scan Windows processes now to identify unused processes that are affecting your PC’s performance.

Is rundll32.exe CPU intensive?

This process is considered to be CPU intensive. Without proper management, CPU intensive processes can manipulate system resources causing speed loss. To protect your computer from CPU manipulation, we recommend that you SpeedUpMyPC’s Speed Tools to effectively improve your PC’s performance.

Why is rundll32.exe giving me errors?

System process issues are mainly a result of conflicting applications running on your PC. Consider uninstalling any applications you are not using and using SpeedUpMyPC to scan your system for unused process and services.

Why do I have multiple instances of rundll32.exe?

The system sometimes dedicates more resources to a specific task by generating multiple instances of one process. However this can also be a symptom of a virus or trojan infection. Make sure you always use an updated antivirus and run a full scan.

rundll32.exe is known to have 2 other instances:

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