Your Heartbeat Could Be Your Password

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

With hackers becoming more and more adept at cracking passwords, security is a concern which has been on many people’s minds lately. How long and complicated will passwords have to get before they stop being easy for us to remember? And then how long before hackers are able to crack those passwords too? New security systems are needed and startup Bionym might just have the answer to that.

Nymi is a small device worn as a bracelet which monitors your heartbeat and then uses it as a unique password. Since every person on the planet has an individual cardiac rhythm, the Nymi is able to authenticate your identity and maintain your security through your own heartbeat. Nymi is equipped with an electrocardiogram sensor which authenticates your heartbeat, as well as having motion detectors and proximity sensors to log you into your devices and receive gesture controls.

Since Nymi will be synched to your distinct heartbeat, no one will be able to endanger your security simply by stealing the bracelet itself. Passwords will be a thing of the past, replaced instead with something much harder to imitate, giving you more security and peace of mind.

Currently Nymi’s technology is still in prototype stages, but the first models should be shipped out to eager buyers in spring of 2014. With a greater call for new technology to replace passwords, it seems safe to say that Nymi’s security solutions will only be the first of many new devices.

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