Yahoo Mail Users Furious After Redesign Disaster

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

After its most recent mail redesign, Yahoo’s User Voice feedback forum has been inundated with messages from thousands of angry users who are having issues with their new mail format.

As of writing, the “bug or error” category of the Yahoo Mail feedback has 280 pages of issues reported, which amounts to over 5500 complaints made by frustrated users. Missing print buttons, broken filters, and poor placement of the “delete” button next to the sender field are amongst the many issues which Yahoo’s staff is facing after the apparent redesign backfire.

Largely, the only response which furious users are currently given is that Yahoo is “looking into” the issue, though with so many thousands of complaints rolling in, it must be a long list of issues to look into. Although it is always normal for redesigns or changes to bring out complaints from users who are resistant to change, the sheer amount of complaints seems to indicate that the problems with Yahoo Mail are not simply exaggerations made by a belligerent minority.

The redesign is Yahoo Mail’s second within the year since former Google executive Marissa Mayer assumed leadership. This move is seen by many as an attempt by Yahoo to gain more users by making their mail platform more similar to Gmail, however this move also seems to be alienating current users.

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