Woz Wants Google Glass but not iPhone 5C

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went on the record in an interview with WiredUK to reveal that he was less than excited about the plastic-cased iPhone 5C. Unlike other Apple products, Wozniak noted that the 5C had thoroughly failed to grab his attention.

Whilst he reaffirmed that he was “not turned on” by the colorful new iPhone, Wozniak also conceded that there could certainly be a big market for phones, but that he was not part of this demographic. Wozniak went on to state that he was generally more interested in high-end gadgets, which must come as a blow coming from the company’s co-founder. Late last week Apple CEO Tim Cook vehemently insisted to Bloomberg Business that the iPhone 5C isn’t a trashy product.

Speaking honestly about his opinion of the new Apple offerings, Wozniak revealed that he was far more impressed by the aesthetics of the iPhone 4s and 5 as products, and preferred the new iPhone 5s to its brightly-colored counterpart.

With regards to technological innovations outside of Apple, Wozniak revealed that he was very excited both about the concept of the smartwatch, and the release of Google Glass. Though the ambitious Google project has been predicted to fail by certain commentators, Wozniak is confident that the gadget will be a success, going on to say that he would like a to own one himself.

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