World’s first attention-powered car is invented

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 11 months ago)

Statistically it has been acknowledged that being distracted whilst driving has become more of a killer on the road than drunk-driving or speeding. Be it changing the radio station, applying make-up, texting, or even internal factors like a bad mood or exhaustion, the effects of multitasking whilst driving have rocked road death statistics.

In response to these appalling numbers, the first ever attention-powered car has been introduced in Australia. Invented by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, the “RAC Attention Powered Car” comes with headgear that measures concentration – i.e. brain activity, blink rate, gaze rate and eye movement. The data measured indicates when a driver is distracted, zoning out or multi-tasking, and triggers a response by slowing the car down. The more inattentive a driver is, the slower the car is. The car returns to normal speed when the driver starts paying attention again. The aim behind the invention is to encourage people to start thinking about the way they drive and the circumstances they choose to drive under, with the hope that the accident rate might be brought down. The club hopes to launch the technology worldwide very soon.

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