Woman Receives World’s First Google Glass Driving Ticket

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

When Google Glass Explorer Cecilia Abadie got into her car in San Diego on Tuesday, she probably expected a normal drive. After being pulled over for speeding, Ms Abadie was shocked to find herself the world’s first recipient of a ticket for wearing Google Glass whilst driving.

Traffic laws vary quite widely from one state to another; however it is largely the case that distracted-driving laws prevent drivers from operating a vehicle with a monitor on. This is exactly the law which was cited when Ms Abadie received her ticket for wearing Google Glass whilst driving.

Ms Abadie insists that her Google Glass was not on or active whilst she was driving; it is thought that she will attempt to have the ticket dismissed in traffic court. Fans of Google Glass have taken to her Google+ page to offer encouragement, many insisting that the directions and hands-free communication options offered by Glass may be far safer than conventional mobile devices.

Whatever the case with Ms Abadie’s ticket, state governments, as well as governments around the globe will certainly need to make adjustments to traffic laws as drivers become more likely to carry wearable technology.

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