Wink to Take a Picture with Google Glass

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

Google Glass just got a little easier for its users- and maybe a little creepier for the rest of us? The latest update to Google’s smart specs allows users to wink once when they want to take a picture of what they’re currently seeing.

Aside from system upgrades for Google Play Music and the ability to ask for calorie counts, you may see a few more Glass Explorers winking at you thanks to Google. The new ability comes as part of an update called XE 12, which will feature a number of other interesting features such as a screen lock and a better interface with iOS.

Before today, only third-party apps existed to allow users to snap pictures using Glass- though Google obviously wasn’t going to leave this position unoccupied for too long. Now, the picture function is hardwired directly into Glass’s software with the wink-powered app. Other extensions to Glass’ functions will be the addition of Hangouts and the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube.

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