Windows 8.1 released to Manufacturers

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

With the October 18 release of Windows 8.1 just about around the corner, sources close to Microsoft have revealed that the development of the company’s latest software was completed just last week. Prior to the release, though, the new software will first be sent to PC manufacturers to be pre-installed on a range of new devices.

Microsoft are expected to announce the release officially later this week, allowing the news buzz surrounding the retirement of CEO Steve Bullmer to blow over first. Whilst Microsoft users running Windows 7 or lower will have to wait until the general release of the software on October 18, existing Winodws 8 users will be able to upgrade the software for free from the Windows Store on October 17.

This latest software release from Microsoft comes with a slew of new features including a built-in Bing search. Other updates users can expect to see include tablet optimization, improved multitasking ability and the controversial return of the Start button.

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