Winamp Spared from the Chopping Block by Mystery Buyer

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

Nostalgic types around the internet can breathe a sigh of relief: retro music player Winamp has been given a stay of execution. The music service, which was due to be shut down once and for all today, has continued to function as AOL makes a deal to sell the product to an unnamed buyer.

In November, it was announced that the mp3 player, which had enjoyed considerable popularity a decade ago, would finally be retired for good. According to the initial report, the music program’s website would be shut down and the software would no longer be available for download as of December 20th. However, with the execution date upon us, it seems that Winamp may live a little longer.

The potential buyer for Winamp has not yet been identified by AOL, but anonymous sources within the company stated that the deal was so close to being finalised that they were confident it would go through. Whether or not the deal does eventually go through or not, it is in AOL and the unnamed buyer’s interests to keep Winamp running until an agreement has been reached. 

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