Will We be Jetting off On Holiday in the Sky Whale?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

An incredible new concept for a plane by Barcelona-based designed Oscar Viñals could be the future of air travel- but it looks a little more like a space ship! Could the Sky Whale be the next step in aviation innovation?

The conceptual aircraft is designed to hold a total of 755 passengers comfortably divided over 3 floors, and could feature a number of devices to make long-haul travelling more enjoyable for all those aboard. According to the designer’s description of the plane, the Sky Whale will combine existing technology with new developments to minimize environmental impact whilst simultaneously maximizing performance.

It’s not just interior comfort that Viñals hopes to innovate with his Sky Whale design- the plane calls for a unique “hybrid turbo-electric propulsion system”. Unfortunately, many of the Sky Whale’s design features are still a long way away from becoming a reality, but Viñals says he expects significant advancements to the necessary technologies within coming years.

It may be a long way away, but for everyone sick of squirming in cramped airplanes for hours on end, the Sky Whale is certainly a dream to look forward to.

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