What is lsass.exe?

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 11 months ago)

What is lsass.exe? Lsass.exe is a process used by Microsoft's Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. This process looks after computer security by checking the details the user supplies when logging into their PC.

Is lsass.exe safe? Yes, lsass.exe is safe and verified by Microsoft. However, some trojans or viruses hide behind the guise of processes like lsass.exe, and can have serious impact on your security. Always have an antivirus running in the background. 

Should I delete lsass.exe? It is extremely important not to terminate lsass.exe. Deleting this process will have a detrimental effect on your computer and its security.

How do I recover lsass.exe? Lsass.exe runs by itself upon startup. Restart your computer if you cannot see it in your Task Manager.

How to fix lsass.exe: If you have any problems related to unsecapp.exe, there may be an issue in your Windows registry. Run a free scan to identify any registry errors.

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