What Is Google Glass Going To Do?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 2 months ago)

In the ever-evolving march of technology, Glass is the latest advancement by technology and internet giants Google.  Although the futuristic eyeglasses might make wearers look like something out of an episode of Star Trek, there is no denying that the possible applications for this ground-breaking technology are quite impressive. Whether or not we will see a rise in wearable technology is impossible to tell, but until we find out, there is a lot more to know about Google Glass.

In this social media-oriented world, Google Glass will work to bridge the gap between our online lives and our real lives. With a camera function to record video and take pictures on the spot, there will be no more need for fumbling with cameras and mobile phones whilst spontaneous moments pass us by.

With just a tilt of the head, or a quickly-spoken command, Google Glass will be able to search the internet and display results. Glass will check weather, update travel information, and display travel directions without the user ever needing to look anywhere other than right ahead of them. Information will become available before your eyes as you go about your life. Combined with Google Hangouts, Glass will also allow users to chat to friends whilst sending them up-to-the-minute video feeds and pictures.

Though Google Glass will not be available on a widespread scale until the end of the year, keep an eye out for the ultra-stylish September edition of Vogue, which will feature a 12-page spread dedicated to the technology.

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