What Do All These F Keys Do?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

Although most of the buttons on your keyboard might seem very straight forward, you’ve probably noticed the long row of keys number F1 to F12 sitting at the top of your keyboard. They might seem a little strange, but we’re here to demystify them for you!

F1 will bring up the help menu of the program you’re currently using.

F2 is used to rename files or folders on your computer.

F3 opens the search function, allowing you to search a document or page for keywords.

F4 can either open up your address bar if you’re using internet explorer, or if you are using Word, it will repeat the last action.

F5 is used to refresh the open page, or in Microsoft Office it can be used to open the ‘Find and Replace’ window.

F6 allows you to cycle through the screen elements either on the desktop or in an open window.

F7 functions as a spelling and grammar check on Word documents.

F8 is only important when a computer is booting up, then it’s function is to activate safe mode.

F9 has little function for casual users, but can be programmed to perform other tasks.

F10 is not useful for normal users, except for in Word, where it activates the menu bar.

F11 is used to open a window in full screen mode.

F12 may be used to open the Save function in Word.

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