Website Maps 1.2 Billion Facebook Users

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Trying to think of a billion people is enough to make your head spin. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to see a billion faces staring out at you, you don’t need to look any further than brand new website, The Faces of Facebook.

The website was developed by freelance creative technologist Natalia Rojas, and organizes every one of 1.27 billion current Facebook profile pictures in chronological order according to when users first joined the network. Connect your own Facebook profile to the app by logging in, and you can find not only your own face on the gargantuan list, but pictures of all your friends too.

At first glance, The Faces of Facebook looks like a screen full of nothing but white noise when you first open it up. But what else do you expect from over a billion people squeezed together on a single web page? Click anywhere on the screen, however, and you will zoom in to a screen of thumbnail-sized pictures of your fellow Facebook users. Click all the way at the top left corner of the screen and you’ll see Mark Zuckerberg himself quickly followed by the early adopters who are now a good few years past their Harvard student days.

If you have privacy concerns, it’s worth noting that this app doesn’t do anything that goes against Facebook’s privacy rules. When contacted by CNN’s tech blog, site founder Natalia Rojas explained that she created the pixelated collage by using a simple algorithm to access public user information. Rojas also stated that she is not storing any of the pictures or other private information, as the site only links straight to Facebook profiles. As of writing, there has been no action taken or comments issued by the social media giant itself.

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