Volvo hoping to make driving safer through 'connected' cars

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 6 months ago)

Swedish automaker Volvo is currently working on a safety system that will make driving in icy conditions less dangerous. The system involves using mobile data to connect one car to the next, which will allow information to be transmitted between them. Upon one user reaching a less-than-favorable area, a notification will be sent out to other drivers within the area through Volvo's database. The warning will adjust according to the driver's speed as well as the road conditions, so you'll get your own tailor-made version of the notification whether you happen to be crawling along the road or speeding. The system will also be able to transmit this data to maintenance crews, meaning that snowplows will know of the questionable area in advance - thereby making it safer for not only Volve drivers, but everyone. While the program is limited to 50 vehicles for now, Volvo is intent on making it widespread by winter 2014. 

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