USB-IF Announces Wireless USB Connections

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

Your USB wire’s days are numbered! If you’ve been waiting to get rid of tangled wires and cables for a long time, then part of your dream might be coming true sooner than you had expected. This week USB-IF, a non-profit organization aimed at supporting and improving the USB, have announced the development of technology which will allow devices to communicate without physical connection through the USB port.

The new technology is being called the Media Agnostic USB by developers, and will allow wireless devices and docking stations to send and receive data through the USB protocol. This is made possible by the WiGig Serial Extension specification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, which will act as the foundation for the wireless USB technology.

When the technology becomes available to the public, Media Agnostic USB will be compatible with USB3.0 (SuperSpeed) and 2.0 (Hi-Speed), although research is currently being made into how to make the wireless technology available on USB 1.0, which is still common on many PCs. Owing to restrictions in WiGig, wireless USB connectivity will only have a short-range transfer area, which should be enough to transfer data across a room but no further. The USB-IF is already researching technology useful in expanding the area range of its new wireless interface in the meantime.

According to sources within the USB-IF, consumers can expect to see wireless USB devices on the market by next year, so don’t throw out all your USB cables just yet.

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