“USB Condom” Protects Against Viruses

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

Whenever you plug your phone or tablet into an unknown port, there’s always the possibility that it’ll come away with something other than a bit of extra battery life. There is always a risk involved in plugging devices into unknown ports, but those days may be coming to a close thanks to a protective new invention called the “USB Condom”.

In recent years, hackers have developed malicious software that is capable of sucking up data from devices that are plugged into computers. Installing such software on public computers could give the hackers access to the data of many unprotected victims, and this is where the USB condom is useful. What the protective device consists of is as small circuit board that plugs into your phone’s USB port and also connects to the connecting cable, the idea being that it blocks access to data, but allows the phone to charge in peace.

Whilst the device is not yet priced or on sale, it is thought that it will soon be available for as little as $10 and will come in standard, micro and mini versions. Small enough to fit into wallets, pockets and purses, the USB condom could offer an extra measure of protection for users who frequent public computers.

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