UK government banning iPads from closed-door meetings

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 10 months ago)

With espionage concerns currently giving rise to headlines all over the world, it is no wonder security is being tightened across several countries. Reports have stated that a cabinet meeting in the UK was marked by the seizure of the iPads owned by members of parliament, originally granted to them by the government. Along with this report is the claim that UK government ministers are being ordered to put their mobile phones into soundproof lead-lined boxes before attending sensitive meetings.

This all stems from the fear that foreign governments now have the ability hack into smartphones and tablets and turn on their microphones, even when the device in question is off. The time is definitely ripe for such concerns. Russia, who recently hosted the latest G20 summit in St Petersburg, has been accused of spying on attendees through “poisoned” flash drives; whilst the United States is alleged to have been eavesdropping on around 35 world leaders, most notably German chancellor Angela Markel. 

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