Twitter launches @EventParrot, a breaking news account

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years ago)

Twitter has just confirmed rumors that it will be introducing official breaking news notifications, through an experimental account named @EventParrot. @EventParrot has been built to use the direct messages feature in order to deliver individualized breaking news to its follower. This will be done by basing the news chosen off the Twitter accounts said users follow, the trends they seem to favor, and the apps they attach to their own accounst. Whilst the majority of news corporations (CNN, NBC and Bloomberg, to name a few) all have their own Twitter accounts, the intention behind @EventParrot is to deliver an instant service that saves having to scroll through endless feeds for the news users want.

With its IPO coming up around Thanksgiving, Twitter has been seeking new ways to follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Google+ and trying to deliver an experience tailored around its individual users. This experimenting started off with the @MagicRecs account, with @EventParrot following in its footsteps. If you have a Twitter account of your own, you can check out @EventParrot for yourself by clicking here.

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