Trashed Hard Disk Contained $7.5 Million Worth of Bitcoins

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 6 months ago)

Early Bitcoin investors may be hungrily eying their bankrolls and planning their shopping sprees, but one man in the UK won’t be cashing in as the digital currency’s worth soars over $1000 per coin.

IT professional James Howells began mining Bitcoin back in 2009, but reportedly stopped after a few weeks when his girlfriend complained that the mining process left his computer too slow and overheated. By that time, Howells had mined over 7,5000 Bitcoin, which wasn’t worth much of anything at all 4 years ago.

The hard disk with Howells’ Bitcoin remained in his possession until this summer, when he unfortunately threw away the fortune he didn’t even know he had. Although the lost Bitcoins had not reached anywhere near their peak worth this past summer, the hard disk was already worth an estimated $675,000. At current Bitcoin prices, Howell’s lost coins would be worth a cool $7.5 million and counting.

“I’m at the point where it’s either laugh about it or cry about it,” Howells said to The Guardian newspaper, adding that he never expected to be able to find the lost hard disk. After being thrown out in summer, it is estimated that the Bitcoin treasure trove is currently buried under 4 or 5 feet of garbage in a landfill the size of a soccer pitch.

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