Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Increase your Productivity

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

If you’d like to save yourself some time, increase your productivity and get some better results whilst you’re browsing, Google Chrome has a few extensions to help you on your way.


Aside from being annoying, ads on websites can also be distracting, which is why AdBlock exists. Chrome users will be happy to find out that this handy extension works at just the touch of a button and automatically removes all ads from your favorite sites.


If you’re always searching for links, articles and videos when you work, then it’s very easy to waste time digging through a huge list of bookmarks you’ve saved. What Pocket does to help your productivity is that it saves the content you find to an online profile, so your browser isn’t clogged up, and you can find your links again with just the touch of a button. The extension also allows you to archive content you’ve already seen so you can access it again later.

Google Dictionary

Don’t let searching for definitions stop your productivity, the Google Dictionary extension can help you save time instead. When downloaded to Chrome, this hand extension allows you to find the definition of any word on your browser by simply highlighting it on the page.

Save to Drive

Simply put, this extension does what it says, and allows Chrome users to save time by saving articles or pages directly to their Google Drive to be shared or accessed later.


It’s all well and good to sit down at your pc and try to be productive, but let’s be honest; it can be difficult to put your nose to the grindstone when there is the whole internet out there just waiting to distract you. Suddenly you look up and you’ve lost 4 hours playing around on Facebook. What this extension does is that it blocks distracting websites after you’ve wasted an allotted amount of time on them.

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