The Next Generation of Wearable Tech: Smart Eyelashes?

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

A 30-year-old PhD Candidate in Hong Kong might be developing the next big trend in wearable technology, and it’s not what you might be expecting. Wearable technology like smartwatches, Google Glass, not to mention Sony’s odd SmartWig concept are all noticeable- but what about technology so small it could fit into make up?

Computer Science PhD candidate Katia Vega coined the phrase “beauty technology” and is attempting to develop a line of wearable technology so small that no one but the user would know it was present. Of course, finger nails and eyelashes won’t be able to read your emails to you or take pictures, but Vega envisions several interesting possible uses for the tiny computers. Tiny radio frequency identifiers hidden in artificial nails can be programmed to open doors or switch lights on with just a wave of the hand or a snap of the fingers.

Vega’s ideas for conductive makeup would also turn eye and facial movements into programmable commands- much in the same way that Google Glass now allows users to wink to activate their camera. Microcontrollers planted in false eyelashes would be almost impossible to detect and may be able to activate anything from your TV screen to drones.

Whilst the ambitious tiny wearable technology project is still in its prototype phases, Vega says she hopes to keep tweaking her ideas and hopefully attract enough sponsorships over time to make her nano-devices a reality for consumers.

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