The ”National #Selfie Gallery” is launched in London

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 12 months ago)

It’s weird to think of the selfie as an art form. In all fairness, the orchestration of a selfie might give it some form of status – all that carefully timed posing, making sure to get the right sort of angle for your artfully arranged cleavage/backside/legs to be on show, all the while concealing any defects. It all seems terribly arduous.

We’re being sarcastic about this of course. However the Moving Image Art Fair in London would beg to differ. With everyone from Lady Gaga to the Pope indulging in a bit of selfie action, it has apparently become high time to recognize the importance of self-portraiture in the digital age. Co-curated by Kyle Chayka and Marina Galperina, the newly set up “National “Selfie Gallery” (don’t forget the #) is currently showcasing short video selfies from 19 emerging artists from the US and Europe. The pieces are digital works of art that deconstruct and examine the selfie format. How much duckface will be featured, we have yet to see. Watch the trailer for the gallery here.

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