“The Big Lebowski” Gets 8-Bit Video Game Tribute

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

The Coen Brothers’ cult classic film “The Big Lebowski” now has an 8-bit representation thanks to the creative minds behind the CineFix Youtube channel. Whilst The Dude and his buddies might seem like odd choices for video game heroes, the video is definitely an amusing distraction for cinephiles.

Sorry if we got your hopes up there- CineFix don’t actually make video games, though there seems to be an overwhelming outcry for them.  Whilst we’re sure a lot of 90s nostalgics out there would love nothing more than spending some time trying to win the game by getting enough White Russians, CineFix only make videos. Very clever videos, to be fair.

CinFfix manage to condense Lebowski’s unlikely 117-minute adventure to a more Youtube-friendly 3.5 minutes long, including a bowling mini game. Fans of the movie can see all their favorite scenes from Walter challenging Jesus, to the Big Lebowski’s mansion, to the famous rug scene all played out like a 90s video game.

Check out the great video on CineFix’s Youtube channel here.

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