The Best Use for your iPhone 5C Case: Games!

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 8 months ago)

The new iPhone 5C cases might not be the most popular or effective ever, but one design team has certainly come up with an interesting new way to use them.

Available in a range of bright colors, iPhone 5C cases have seven rows of holes punched in the back to show the vivid color underneath. Not everyone has been on board with the design, but David McKinney and Stuart Hall at Discovr apps have come up with a fun new use for the dotty cover: game play!

The game, tellingly called Flipcase, invites iPhone users to attach their case over the front side of their phones in order to play Connect Four. To play the game, players tap the screen visible through the holes in their case to place the pieces on the board. Players also have the option of either playing against a friend or the computer AI, whilst giving the iPhone a quick shake will erase the pieces and start a new game.

Alright, technically you don’t need the punctuated iPhone 5C case to play the game, but it does add an extra element of fun. Flipcase if currently available for free in iTunes.

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