Tesla Supercharger Stations Now Span Coast-to-Coast

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

Supercharger stations now provide Tesla drivers with a route leading spanning from coast to coast between New York City and Los Angeles.

According to Tesla’s websites, there are now 71 Supercharger stations across the 48 continental states, as well as 14 in locations around Europe. Most impressive of all, Tesla drivers can stop at any of the Supercharger stations and fill up their cars absolutely free of charge. The stations are all located close to major interchanges and other amenities, though a full battery recharge of a Tesla car takes 75 minutes in all.

The coast-to-coast route offered by Tesla’s network of stations takes drivers from the Pacific coast, through to Arizona, before following the road through South Dakota and Chicago. The final destination is New York City, but Tesla is nowhere near ready with their plans, aside from this route, charger stations lead all the way up the Pacific coast, and connect the Atlantic coast from Connecticut to Florida.

The first Tesla Supercharger station was opened in 2012, making the rapid expansion of the charging network impressive indeed. Tesla cars can reach distances of up to 170 miles with just a 30 minute charge.

(Image Credit: Tesla Motors)

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