Tech Users May Prefer Smartwatches to Glass Devices

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Users polled on technology blog revealed that they would prefer to purchase a smartwatch device in the future, rather than a pair of smart glasses such as Google Glass.

Whilst the blog’s readership is too small for the survey’s sample size to be anywhere near definitive, it does raise interesting questions about what early adopters will be buying first as wearable technology starts to make its way onto the consumer market. The poll did not go into reasons behind readers’ preferences, but considering Google Glass’ current price of around $1,500, it could be speculated that cost will play a sizable part in this decision.

The poll, produced by writer Eric Newcomer, asked the blog’s visitors whether or not they would buy a smart device, as well as whether a smartwatch or glasses would be preferable to them. In total, 62% of users answered that they were far more likely to purchase a smartwatch, whilst only 41% voted in favour of a pair of smart glasses. It is interesting to note though that 45% of polled users also said that they had no intentions of buying either smart devices as soon as they are released.

Currently, it is estimated that manufacturers of various brands of smartwatch will ship over 15 million devices by 2014, with that number soaring up to over 373 million units by 2020. Google Glass, on the other hand, is on a relatively smaller roll out of only 10,000 exclusively-picked Glass Explorers, with plans to quadruple users by next year. Only time will tell which of these two pieces of wearable technology will become the consumer favourite.

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