Tata Develop Air-Powered Car

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Indian car manufacturers Tata have simultaneously invented possibly the most useful and silliest car on the planet. The Airpod might look like a lost prop from Star Wars, but you might overlook that in light of the fact that it runs on compressed air.

In 2009, Tata gained media attention when they released the Tata Nano, which was originally sold at around $2,000, making it the cheapest car in the world today. Now Tata are back on the track of motor vehicle innovation by creating the aptly-named Airpod.

The air-powered car can hold 3 people, and can travel as far as 125 miles before its tank of 175 liters of compressed air needs to be refilled. Clocking in at a speed of around 50mph, it is estimated that the cost of fuelling Tata’s Airpod could run as low as $0.06 per mile, potentially making it one of the most economical vehicles in the world.

With virtually zero emissions, Airpod is just one part of the movement by vehicle manufacturers to produce more environmentally friendly cars. Joining Tata in the race for the greenest car on the planet are manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Nissan, and Tesla motors- all of whom will hopefully produce models that don't make it look as though we car-jacked the Jetsons.

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