Tablets Becoming More Popular than PCs

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

New research by the American Customer Satisfaction Index report has shown that tablets have gained a slight lead over other devices such as laptops and desktop computers in terms of customer satisfaction. The ACSI’s findings also show that people are less happy with their PCs than they have been in the past.

On the 100-point satisfaction scale, tablets scored an impressive 81 points on average from over 2,700 customers polled. Trailing behind were laptops and desktops with 79 points each, a 1.3 per cent decline from last year’s score. ACSI founder and Chairman Claes Fornell released a statement highlighting the rising expectations that customers have for their devices these days, and the pressure put on companies to keep up with the demand for faster, more powerful machines. Fornell noted that companies able to innovate whilst also maintaining customer satisfaction are the ones that will eventually triumph.

In general, customers were satisfied with the features and visual appeal of their laptops, tablets and desktops, as well as being pleased with the user-friendliness of their devices. Customers did make complaints about processor speeds, memory and storage issues on their devices, which left them less than satisfied. 

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