Tablet Ownership on the Rise in USA

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

According to the results of a survey by Pew, tablets and e-readers have become even more popular than ever amongst US consumers.

As of September 2013, 35% of Americans own a tablet, whilst 24% own an e-reader, both devices climbing steadily in the past year. Whilst only 6% of all American owned either a tablet or an e-reader in 2010, it is now estimated that a total of 43% own either one or both of these devices, an incredible rise in popularity.

Worthy of note is the fact that these statistics only apply to the population above 16 years of age, so younger device owners could easily see these figures increase even further. In fact, the study also revealed that 46% of teenagers aged between 16 and 17 own a tablet, whilst 24% owned an e-reader.

Pew’s findings illustrate the impact that affordable tablets and e-readers have had on the market, as opposed to highly-priced items such as the iPad, though the affordability gap has not been completely bridged yet. It was revealed that 65% of participants in the highest income households owned a tablet, but the same was true for only 22% of low income respondents.

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