Study Says Microsoft More Trusted than Apple

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

You might see iPads and iPhones everywhere these days, but a new study by research giants Forrester has revealed that it is actually Microsoft, not Apple, that most people find most trustworthy. Although Apple was best recognized for its distinctive, stylish brand, Microsoft was the clear winner when it came to earning public trust.

The study, which ranked Microsoft against competitors such as Apple, Sony, and Samsung, asked users to grade the brands on four separate criteria: trust, essential, remarkable, and unmistakable. Whilst brand leaders Apple and Samsung were viewed as the most innovative manufacturers of all, it also came to light in the study that their products were not viewed as essentials. Of the technology giants, it is Microsoft who might be seen as the most essential by users across a number of age groups.

Forrest analyst Tracy Stokes revealed that the results of Microsoft’s trustworthy victory and Apple’s flagging relatability came as something of a surprise. Apple and Samsung were still able to score higher than old stalwarts Microsoft with younger age groups, particularly those aged between 25 and 33.

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