Valve's Steam Machine Console Released to Handful of Lucky Beta Testers

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

A select group of beta testers have begun to receive the first ever models of Valve’s hotly anticipated console, the Steam Machine. Ever willing to share their good fortune (and rub it in our faces), several lucky testers have released detailed pictures of their new toys.

The consoles shipped out to testers in a well-padded wooden crate stencilled with a design from the game Portal, one of the revolutionary games which helped to put Valve on the map. Only 300 gamers around the world received one of these coveted packages, and it’s likely still going to be a long while until the rest of us can rush out to buy our own.

The Steam Machine runs a home-grown Debian Linux operating system called SteamOS, which is specifically designed to boost performance and enhance game compatibility. Valve is also the creator of the hugely popular Steam digital distribution platform, which is almost singlehandedly responsible for revitalising PC gaming as we now know it.

Reddit user colbehr was one of the lucky few to receive a Steam Machine console from Valve during this first round, sharing pictures of his unique device. The Steam Machine received by colbehr has around $1,500 worth of hardware components working together within the console, which was also stamped with an individual code to identify him as the owner.

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