Starwood Hotels to Swap Rooms Keys for Smartphones

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Thanks to the latest innovation by Starwood hotels, you may one day never have to visit a hotel Check-In desk or worry about losing your room key again. From the first quarter of 2014, 2 hotels in the franchise will sport a brand new “keyless key” system using smartphones.

Visitors to the Aloft Harlem and Aloft Silicon Valley will soon be able to bypass lengthy check-ins as long as they are using an Android 4.3 of iPhone 4s or better. Although the locks have yet to be upgraded in both hotels, the changes are well on their way. The keyless key system will work thanks to a mobile app, which will use Bluetooth to communicate between the smartphone and the locks.

In the past, Starwood have experimented with a Smart Check-In feature for their preferred guests, but this was limited to those holding and carrying a membership card and visiting one of nine hotels. According to Starwood’s CEO, the investment required to update the locks is not too substantial, meaning the smartphone-compatible locks could soon be seen in all W and Aloft hotels.

Check out the full promotional video here.

(Image Credit: Starwood Hotels)

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