South Korea to Build Invisible Tower

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

The South Korean government have given the go-ahead to City Tower, which will be the second tallest building in the country, cost a whopping 300 billion Korean won ($275.6million)… oh and have we mentioned that it can turn invisible?

The futuristic building will stand in the Incheon Free Economic Zone- a business and cultural development hub- only 9 miles away from the South Korean capital, Seoul. The project is expected to be an interesting draw for tourists, who will be able to view the invisibility effect in action for half an hour each day.

The trick of being able to turn invisible is made possible thanks to a collection of cameras on one side of the building. When the James-Bond-style technology is activated, the cameras will capture images and send signals to rows of LEDs on the other side of the building. This relayed information will be able to render the tower almost invisible to the naked eye by giving viewers the impression that they are looking through the building rather than straight at it.

Although the tower sounds like an incredible sight (or lack thereof) on paper, some have voiced concerns that the invisibility may cause dangerous security issues. The state-run Korea Land and Housing Corporation was quick to downplay the potential threats posed by building an invisible tower so close to Incheon airport, the busiest airport in South Korea. Officials stated that no security issues were expected since the building would only be invisible from specific locations for 30 minutes out of a day.

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