Solar Streetlights Run Off the Grid

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Lonely, dimly lit roads in the middle of nowhere might be a thing of the past thanks to Dutch engineers and designers at Kaal Masten. Ok, technically the lonely, isolated roads aren’t going anywhere, but now they can always be lit up thanks to a solar-powered streetlight called the Spirit.

The standalone streetlight is able to draw all of its power from solar energy, which will allow it to provide lights even in those areas which are too remote to be connected into the conventional electrical grid. During the day time, the lights will recharge their batteries when the sun is up, allowing it to charge its batteries enough to get through a night even when the weather conditions are cloudy.

Spirit solar streetlights use a combination of highly efficient LED bulbs and solar paneling, and are customizable to be up to 60 feet tall, making them ideal even for multi-lane highways. The only maintenance work the lights will require is a change of batteries one every few years, and with recyclable components, even this is environmentally friendly. Since the solar lights do not need to be connected to a power grid, they can easily be installed and activated wherever they are needed.

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