SnapChat Plays "Find the Ghost" to Keep Data Secure

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

Following last year’s security breach, SnapChat have installed a new system to verify that users are actually humans rather than bots. Rather than the boring and tiresome CAPTCHAs used by many sites to verify user activities, SnapChat’s identification process simply asks people to spots its mascot hidden in images.

The popular social media app faced major security concerns recently after a 16-year-old hacker managed to steal the phone numbers and personal information of 4.6 million users, dumping the information online for the whole internet to see. Although SnapChat have since patched the security flaw which made this breach possible, the company hasn’t given up their efforts to increase the app’s security.

Users attempting to access their SnapChat account will be greeted by a screen which cheerfully announces that it’s “Just making sure you’re not a robot.” Passing the screen is as simple as looking at a list of images and selecting the ones which contain SnapChat’s ghostly little mascot. Should be relatively easy for everyone with a brain instead of a processor. 

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