Smartphone Saves Owner from Bullet

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

If it happened in a movie you’d never believe it, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction; yesterday, a Florida man was saved from a gunshot wound by the smartphone sitting in his shirt pocket.

The lucky man, who works as a gas station attendant in Orlando, was saved from a gunshot wound by his HTC smartphone after a hold up took a deadly turn. At 4:45AM yesterday morning, a man holding a revolver entered the gas station and demanded the contents of the safe. Though there were two attendants on duty that night neither of them were able to open the safe, prompting the robber to make a prompt escape. As he left, the would-be thief fired a shot at the pair of clerks, though both were relieved to find the bullet had missed them.

It was only later that the fortunate attendant realized how close the bullet had come to hitting him, when he pulled his smartphone out of his shirt pocket to find a shattered screen and a bullet hole. Just how the smartphone managed to save the young man’s life seems to be a case of pure good luck, and he escaped with nothing but minor injuries.

We’re pretty sure no one has ever been so happy to see a shattered smartphone screen before.

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