Smartphone for $25 from Mozilla

Posted by: Gergely Sumegi (3 years, 8 months ago)

Mozilla, the creators of Firefox browser have presented their plans to come up with a smartphone that they hope would change the game on the entry-level mobile market. Could the no-contract $25 price tag mean the end of traditional mobile phones?

The handset, manufactured by Chinese low-cost part supplier Spreadtrum, was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The prototype had a 3.5" screen and a Cortex A5 chipset. The latter is able to run Bluetooth, camera, FM radio and Wi-Fi. When it comes to mobile internet, however, EDGE is the best it can do. This is enough for text or picture messaging, but not much more. The operating system is of course the Firefox OS, presented two years ago.

The date when the new device hits the shelves is not known yet, however its price tag will be definitely a key selling point. It won't be suitable to replace any iPhone, Android or Windows phone, but someone who really just needs a phone, will get a not-so-dumb device after that.

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