Skype Looks Towards 3D Video Calls

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

For the past decade, Skype’s free-to-use service has allowed people all over the globe to communicate with one another easily. In an interview to mark the company’s 10 year anniversary, VP Mark Gillet made it known that the company’s next step would be the development of 3D video call technology.

Don’t dig up your 3D glasses just yet though; the capacity to communicate via 3D videos is still a while off for most computer users. Aside from requiring 3D output capabilities from computer screens, Skype would also require devices capable of capturing 3D videos, and as of yet these devices simply do not exist in a consumer market.

To capture 3D whether for films or television, not one but two cameras have to be used to mimic the depth-perception of two human eyes, because of this computers would need not one but two calibrated webcams to use 3D communication. According to Gillet, whilst Skype has had some success using 3D calls in laboratory settings, the lack of 3D capture devices on the market make 3D communication and calls a long way off.

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