Shazam App Identifies Music When Phone is Locked

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

The latest upgrade to Shazam’s iPhone and iPod touch software is the amazing ability to listen in and identify music even when the devices are locked. The new feature, dubbed “Auto Shazam”, debuted this week, so you can look up the songs you’ve been hearing even if you aren’t able to access the app straight away.

Auto Shazam is able to record and recognize TV and music around a phone even when it is locked; the feature can be turned on in updated versions of the app by switching it on from the Shazam home screen. This way if you hear a song you like in a movie theatre, or whilst driving your car, or any other time when you can’t instantly reach for your phone, you can still find out what you heard later.

Shazam is blazing ahead of its fellow musical recognition apps; last year, another update allowed the app to recognize TV shows and ads too. This allowed Shazam users to not only identify but immediately access shows they heard, with links leading to complementary content and the iTunes App store.

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