Security Experts Fail to Take Down CryptoLocker Crooks

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

A valiant attempt to take down infamous ransomware CryptoLocker sadly ended without much effect as hacktivists failed to put the cybercriminals out of business.

The attempt was mounted by security activists from a group named Malware Must Die, who attempted a takedown operation after tracking the ransomware through various domains and malware communications channels. In total the group targeted 138 domains which were responsible for spreading the data-encrypting ransomware, but sadly their efforts were not enough to kill CryptoLocker off completely. Despite the group’s good intentions and best efforts, CryptoLocker was apparently back online before too long.

CryptoLocker remained undefeated apparently because of a lack of post-takedown analysis, according to security experts. Scotland Yard detective turned Damballa technical consultant Adrian Culley said that a post-takedown analysis is always necessary when trying to remove malware such as CryptoLocker from the internet. This post-mortem examination by security experts may have been able to discern whether or not any lingering traces of CryptoLocker may have remained to give new life to the malware.

Typically, CryptoLocker is received through email, disguised as a PDF file; since this takedown was not successful, it is still advisable to be wary of unfamiliar emails. At present, this malware is only capable of infecting Windows computers.

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