SecretInk is Like Snapchat for Email

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Inject a little bit of Mission Impossible into your day with a message that will self-destruct after it’s opened. Don’t worry, there are no explosions in this case, it’s just what happens to email when you use SecretInk.

At a time when everyone is looking over their shoulder and privacy concerns are rampant, SecretInk offers something which is valuable to most people today: a little bit of secrecy. That doesn’t mean to say that the messaging service is designed for espionage, but it isn’t bad for sharing juice titbits of gossip between friends.

SecretInk is a self-destructing email and SMS tool which was launched this week by Powerinbox. Unlike self-erasing picture app Snapchat, SecretInk doesn’t have an app or network that both the sender and receiver need to belong to. Instead, you can use SecretInk’s website to write a message and send it to either an email address or a cell phone number.

Be warned! SecretInk’s self-destructing messages disappear in a number of seconds, so we don’t suggest sending very long messages if you’d like your recipient to be able to read the whole thing.

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