Scientists Accidentally Create Lightsaber

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 12 months ago)

Comic conventions are about to get a little more interesting: scientists have accidentally discovered a real-life variation of the lightsabers seen in Star Wars. Apologies to all aspiring Jedi Knights, though, because these lightsabers won’t be much help when you’re doing battle against the dark side of the force.

The accidental discovery was made by a team of researchers at MIT and Harvard, who managed to create a form of matter which had never been observed before. The ground-breaking accident happened when the team discovered how to get photons to stick together and form a molecule. Since photons are the elementary particles of light, grouping them together made them into a tiny real-life version of a lightsaber.

Before you sign up to the world’s first ever Jedi Academy, though, we’d better tell you that the conditions to create even a small reaction like this from photons includes a lot of specialized laboratory equipment. All those requirements don’t make for a very portable lightsaber, but with future technological advancements, it is expected that this amazing accidental discovery could have applications in quantum computing. 

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