Samsung to One-Up Apple with Iris Scanning Smartphone

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

If you thought having a fingerprint scanner on your phone was futuristic, just wait to see what Samsung’s got in store of their future line of smartphones. Reportedly, the South Korean tech-giants are looking into the possibility of packing an iris scanner into their next flagship phone.

According to inside sources, next year’s Galaxy S5 might have the next step in phone security tucked in behind its massive high-resolution display. If rumors are to be believed, this phone will make its worldwide debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will be held late in February. That means technology fans might not have long to go before they get the first look at the iris scanning smartphone, but there’s no telling when it will really be released.

Whilst the iPhone 5s was widely advertised for having a fingerprint scanner, the technology turned out not to be that secure, in fact a team of industrious German hackers had found their way around the system less than a week after its release. If Samsung’s newest phone really will offer and iris scanner, it should prove far more secure than any fingerprint scanner, though it would need to be accompanied by an extremely powerful camera.

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