Samsung throws down the gauntlet to comeptitors with new Galaxy Pro advert

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 7 months ago)

Never a shy one, Samsung goes out of its way to trash-talk its competitors in its latest advert. Samsung's new Galaxy Pro series of tablets is compared to the iPad, the Surface, and the Kindle, all of which are mentioned by name and actually feature. The advert mocks the iPad for not having multitasking abilities, calls out the Surface for not being a tablet but a laptop, and sniggers at the Kindle for...well...being a Kindle. Hilarity mounts when two Samsung users highlight the Surface's "keyboard...and battery dock...and mouse," and when a Kindle user is asked what her device can do and is forced to answer with a "...books!" The biggest dig of all is unsurprisingly saved for Apple, when Samsung highlights how the Galaxy Pro's million pixels leave Apple's "retina thingy" in the dust. 

Samsung has a history of taunting its competitors in its adverts, while the likes of Apple and Microsoft have maintained a dignified silence. Whether this new advert is enough to push for a counterattack, we have yet to see. TechCrunch points out that the advert is laden with disclaimers in small print "talking about simulated screen images, and how [the Galaxy Pro's] multi-window multitasking software doesn't work with all apps. As far as we're concerned, the bait is almost too tempting to ignore.

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