Samsung dump Galaxy S5 designer

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Chang Dong-hoon, the brains behind the design of the Samsung Galaxy S5, has been relieved of his position as head of the company's mobile design team. While no official reason has been offered, reports are suggesting that it is down to heavy criticism of the S5 - where Chang would be concerned, the phone's design has been labelled cheap-looking and gimmicky. VP of Mobile Design Lee Min-hyouk has been offered the role in Chang's stead. Chang will retain his position as head of Samsung's Design Strategy Team, according to a statement from the Korean company.

The Galaxy series has faced a sharp decline in recent years. The release of the S1 in 2010 led to huge success for Samsung, and resulted in the company selling two times as many smartphones than rival Apple. However the S4 and now, to a greater extent, the S5, have not received the same acclaim their predecessors had.

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