Russian Space Hotel May Launch by 2016

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Are you looking for a vacation that’s really out of this world? The solution may be closer than you think thanks to a Russian company that plans to open the first even hotel in space.

Taking a holiday in an orbiting hotel may be possible as soon as 2016, though your credit card might not be enough to cover your bill at check out. Currently, the outer-space vacation package is priced at close to a million dollars for two days’ rocket travel and a 5 day stay at the somewhat uninventively named Commercial Space Station. Gravity and turndown service not included.

The space hotel can accommodate up to seven guests in four cabins, and will orbit the earth at an impressive 350 kilometers above the earth’s surface. Hotel guests might not be able to take excursions or go out on the town, but they can wile away their time in zero gravity by watching TV, surfing the internet, or just floating around. Other glamorous features include dozing in horizontal sleeping bags and a lack of flowing water. Add in the freeze-dried cuisine and this space-age holiday sounds more and more like camping in outer orbit.

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