Romanian Man Builds Air-Powered Lego Car

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

You may have been good with your Legos as a kid, but Raul Oaida takes that to a whole new level. The ambitious 20-year-old Romanian man has built himself his own full-scale Lego car that not only works but runs on air.

The project first began in April 2012 when a Melbourne-based entrepreneur named Steve Sammartino contact Oaida on his Twitter account. Oaida had just completed his previous project of launching a Lego shuttle into space, which piqued Sammartino’s interest enough to suggest an even bigger scheme.  Dubbing their joint venture “#SuperAwesomeMicroProject”, the pair set about raising money for Oaida’s next construction.

From conception to design, Oaida’s Lego car took 20 months to complete, though the fragility of the construction restricts its capabilities somewhat. The air-powered car, which used a total of 500,000 pieces of Lego, can get up to the slow pace of 12-17mph. The compressed-air engine uses a total of 256 pistons, with all but a few components (such as wheels and tires) made completely from the famous building blocks.

After receiving funding from over 40 online entrepreneurs, the pair have counted their project as a resounding success and intend to work together in the future. For now, Oaida and Sammartino are done with Lego, but you can find out more about their car and future projects on the Super Awesome Micro Project website.

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