Rich and Famous Client Details Hacked from Top Limo Broker

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

A top limousine reservation company has been the victim of a hacker attack which may have compromised personal and financial details about thousands of customers, including movie stars, senators and Fortune 500 CEOs.

CorporateCarOnline, a service which brokers reservations of limos and town cars around the country has been compromised by hackers, who were apparently able to steal a copy of the company’s client database. The database in question is said to contain information on the company’s huge client list, including over 850,000 credit card numbers, a quarter of which are reportedly no-limit American Express accounts.

On top of the financial details revealed, other data of a more personal nature was also present on the hacked database. Aside from names, addresses and phone numbers, the limo company also kept notes on client incidents or bad behavior during trips. Complaints regarding drugs, sex, and police intervention during limo service were also made note of on the database, making the hacked document especially interesting to tabloids.

Amongst the list of notable names on the rental database are Donald Trump, Tom Hanks and LeBron James.

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